Saturday, April 9, 2011

a pretty sponge mani with Fing'rs nail stickers

For this mani I started with 2 coats of my franken 'Integrity', and the sparkly franken 'Get'n Down on the Low-down', I added some cute butterfly stickers from Fing'rs to the base of my nails, and added 2 extra tiny flowers to my thumbs. - I drove myself nutz trying to line up the flowers on either side of the butterfly lol. I added a coat of TC after I applied the stickers.

Also; thank you to everyone who commented on the blog security issue - I always get spooked when weird stuff like that comes up in regards to the internet ♥♥♥

The base for this mani is the same the franken that I wore HERE. The polish I used for sponging is Billie Purple Rain with some sheer shimmery polish added to it.

My index nail, on the far right is my real nail...... this is what happens when my real nails are long, they curve toward the center. I add nail glue underneath the tip of my nail and try to flatten it.

polish's used, Franken 'Get'n Down on the Low Down', Franken 'Integrity' and Fing'rs flirt stickers

indoor fluorescent lighting

 Bottle shots = L-R; Franken Faith,  Franken Get'n down on the Low Down   

indoor fluorescent lighting


Kayla101 said...

Love your frankens!
I love the sponge idea, may have to try it soon!

Fiona said...

I am LOVING these purple frankens! Keep 'em coming!!

Freshie said...

The little butterflies are cute~

Lucy said...

Swweet manicure. Love the franken.