Thursday, June 17, 2010

♥ Sally Hansen Amber Chrome ♥

Sally Hansen Amber Chrome 2 coats with 1 coat of Nailene T.C.
wow - this is a pretty one. it is super reflective and is a nice amber peachy colour. I hoped to get some better outdoor pics, but my goodness is it gloomy outside. This dried super duper fast when I applied it this morning, despite the very humid weather we are having.

I think the reason these are in such abundance in bargain shops in North America is that you cannot see the polish in the bottle. I always found that really bizarre, imaging if eyeshadow just had a label with the name and you could not see the product? also I am surprised I haven't gotten any cease and desist letters from that website scalping these Chromes for ridiculous prices for my post yesterday. I probably sent a lot of traffic their way, had anyone else heard of that company before? I haven't.

Anyhoo - these are not the best pic's but I need to start working through my un-tried's.....
Indoor fluorescent

Indoor fluorescent

Outside in dismal dreary rain; at least it was warm out

Indoor Fluorescent


Iris @ said...

Gotta love chromessssssssss ;) Very pretty!

anna said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and oh my you do love your chromes dont you :)

sabbatha said...

Oh my god, its amazing!