Tuesday, July 7, 2009

♥ Indulge Beauty 'Purple' ♥

~ Indulge "Eggplant" ~

~ 2 clumpy coats, painted in gusting - Gail force winds outdoors..... ~
~ 1 coat of CG Fast Forward~

Good grief - I have hunted all over the internet for some comparison to this color..... and cannot find one -yet-. This is Indulge in Beauty 'purple (I made that up ) from he new version of the 'Fudge Brown Trio'. I am trying to swatch these 'Indulge' cute little mini's, along with the other 40ish un-tried polish's I have. I am a little embarrassed about the lumpy-bumpy job I did, I painted my nails outside and probably should not have.... it was a little more gusty out than I thought. I plan on doing my toes with this next lovely polish, { ♥ hopefully a smoother job.....♥ }

I picked up these cute lil' polish's at Walmart (Canada ) for $2.97, I am happiest with this trio, as they are unique and pretty colors, I love this shade of purple and will do a more loving patient polish job next time. as there is no sunshine today, my outdoors photos are under cloudy skies.

The white polish from this 'trio' can be seen HERE, { layered }, and the Coppery one from this 'trio' is up next

~ Outdoors ~

~ Outside w/flash ~

~ Outside under gloomy cloudy skies ~

~ Outside under gloomy cloudy skies ~


Lucy said...

I like that shade of purple on you. It's very pretty. I hope you can find a dupe of it. Going to Walmart Canada is a little to far to go! Nice trio of polishes.

Mary said...

I can't really think of anything to compare that to. It certainly is a pretty plummish shade though. And those little bottles, too cute!

Anonymous said...

I would imagine mixing a bit more black into China Glaze VII would give it that colour, though it wouldn't be the same without the shimmer :T

Anyway I checked out a really out of a way dollar store in town, and saw Indulge being sold! I remembered your post on the polish, so I looked for those...but they only had makeupy stuff :( I was sooo disappointed...but who knows maybe eventually they will get some, so I guess I have that to look forward to :P

I haven't thought of finding good things as 'rewards' for donating! lol but now maybe I can feel a little bit more at ease for scoring some good deals :P

Velvet said...

Great color, kind of like a light shade of egg plant. Maybe? Nice photos too.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

okay - I pick eggplant/plum - I am not sure where my brains were when I made this post (spelling mistakes...sentence fragments etc.)

Thanks for the comments

Lucy ~ it is a cool color - I am gonna do a better job next time

Mary - I spent like 1.5 hours looking for polish's that were somewhat similar... I could not find anything. I am trying to find common drugstore polish's to compare to the weird/Canadian polish's I find. And polish's which are easy to Google to find swatches from other bloggers.

Rasilla ~ I am thrilled that I find these cool nail polish/ nail accessory bargains at stores I normally would not visit.

I found tonnes of cool stuff when I visited Ontario this past X-Mas. The Dollar Power store was a good one (Burlington)

I also have soooo much stuff, it is a relief to give it away!!!!

Velvet ~ Thanks _ I worry about my photos and try to get sunshine whenever possible - most cameras pick up details much, much better in the sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deez just saw your header post on the picture thing.

I'm pretty sure its the same with u, as it is with me.
Your picture size kinda depends on the size of your layout column width.

For my layout, that is the largest I can get, without the layout cutting off parts of my pictures, when I post them on the blog.
So I would assume the same with you, if you post a larger pic, then it would get cut off cause it exceeds the boundries.

Does that make sort of sense? Cause I know I'm not explaining it properly.

Unless that wasn't what you were asking...
lol then I don't know! haha..

Anonymous said...

Ooh what a pretty shimmery eggplant polish!

Amabile said...

Hi Deez, these seems to be very similar to my favorite Depend minipolishes: , color #149 looks close as not a dupe to yours eggplant :-)

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

ooooooooooo I love those tiny little depends......