Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WTF ( What the Finger-nail-polish!!!!!!) Sally Hansen nail prisms " Ruby Diamond"

I'm not supposed to buy any more polish for a while but..................Nail Prisms!!!!!!

So one of the main purposes to having a blog, (and a blog roll, and getting updates on everyone else's posts.....) was to find ideas on how to be creative with all the polishes I already own, and have a clearer idea of what to purchase, by viewing everyone's swatches, ( instead of buying colors/brands that don't look good/work for me ) However, I seem to be collecting more polish since I started bogging.......... but almost all of the recent polishes I have bought have been relatively inexpensive. (.99 cents to $6.00 )

Toady while browsing through the mall I stopped in the dollar store and found.... NAIL PRISMS. I am sooooooo looking forward to "frankening" with these!!!!!!!!!!!! I am jealous of the other bloggers who have made some very beautiful Holographic frankens lately. I can't wait to get started = I am thinking of making a a deep purple and possible a lighter milk-ey purple.

Whats really bizarre, is that I am " rationing " the holo's I own at the moment, because I am trying to not purchase so many polishes, (not trying very hard, apparently) and I decided to cover up the scratches and dings of my current manicure with this very same color, " Ruby Diamond ". I almost went for a generic pink glitter today instead, but I thought I was being silly about the "rationing" thing.... that if i use it up I will find a good dupe for it, etc.

I am shocked that I found two bottles of the same beautiful color I love!!!!.... it's hard to believe that these bottles are almost 10 years old! I find them to be a very easy polish to work with, they dry fast, good self- leveling, I have not been dis-appointed with Sally Hansen in general. Even though I am short on space I'll fid the room to add two more to my collection, plus they were $1.50 each! and they were the last two prisms available.

The super rad glitter on my ring finger, was also a bargain Sally Hansen polish. It is a fine-silver glitter, it's almost too glittery (gasp.... tooooooo glittery? ) I hope to franken with that too!

There is something about finding something on sale, that makes it more of a "prize" or "bonus". I almost bought the O.P.I. " DS Exclusive" that looks like this, and the copper colored "DS Design" yesterday at the mall ( they were on on clearance ). But I am glad I did'nt!!


Velvet said...

What a good deal!! None of my dollar stores carry the Sally Hansen Prisms!!(sigh) I know what you mean when it comes to finding a "good deal". It's like finding a treasure that no one else has found yet,lol!!!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I have ONE of the Sally Hansen Prisms. Got it from a janky little discount store in the 'hood. It was in a bag of 5 other bargain polishes I got for like $5. Such a steal! Bargains make Baby Jesus giggle. :)

Brooke said...

I just found some of the Prisms at Homeland LAST night!! Unfort. they were not on sale, but best believe I had to scoop them right on up!

Lucy said...

How great finding the Prisms. Did Sally Hansen stop making these? Pretty Brown Girl is cracking me up about Baby Jesus giggling.

contests and such said...

I am so jealous! Brooke, now you have found SH Nail Prisms at a Dollar Store! Sooo not fair. Can't wait to see your frankens.