Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Ganache" & Sally Hansen nail prisms " Ruby Diamond"

My nails took some abuse after i took the photo's that I have posted, so when that happens, Glitter-holo's to the rescue... I slapped on a coat of Sally Hansen nail prisms in "Ruby Diamond" to cover up all the ding's and scratches. Viola!!!!!

I left the "Ganache" color on my ring finger, I have seen that in other blogs and think it's cool.


contests and such said...

Great color combo! Came out nicely.

Velvet said...

Clever idea! I need to remember to do that myself. Colors look pretty on you.

Lucy said...

I like the combo, very pretty.

Robyn @ said...


Olivia C. said...

Your nails are so pretty! :)