Thursday, March 27, 2014

SORRY! ................ and Kosmic Colors Zebra nail art from the dollar-rama

 I had to erase my blog-roll and do a bunch of other stuff to my blog layout ---- hopefully everyone has blog-lov'in or some other type of blog-reader-thingy, and won't miss my massive list of NAIL BLOGS for a week or two. When i have time this weekend i will have to figure out what to do about that. i wasn't able to edit it and people who abandoned their blogs, somehow their blogs turned into ads for companies and things I do not want to be associated with - so I had to erase the whole thing and I will have to start over.

I get bummed out when some of my favorite blogs stop posting, or don't post as much as usual, and so I am  sorry for doing that myself. I am straight up addicted to the Internet. = I could stay online from morning till night reading and looking at pictures of all sorts of things. I wish I had dial up cuz I would get frustrated easily and only have the patience for 1/2 hr of Internet a day LOL! So I have to just stay away all together

I am still alive but I am trying to not buy nail polish, and not spend 3 hours a day looking at nail blogs, nail art pictures, Pinterest and DIY websites (decor and do-it-yourself blogs) It is super duper hard!

 I have also been bribing myself with new nail polish PURCHASES when I get things done around my home = it's not really working but I have reduced my ass-to-couch time quite a bit, and I am pretty proud of that. I still do my nails and try all the new easy nail art technique's I have found on-line. I am still only allowed to buy bottles of nail polish if they are under $2.00 CAD, The Dollar-Rama in Canada has been a goldmine for polish lately.

Which brings me to today's post. This is 2 pretty polish's from the Kosmic Colors line that I picked up last summer.... ( summer of 2013)  I used 3 coats of the No-Name Pink, and used a small liner brush to make the Zebra Stripes in this No-Name Red. I added a sloppy coat of the Wet n Wild ' Clear Nail Protector that I found at The Dollar-Rama......

stuff I used

 I haven't really put this to the test, It dried pretty fast and shiny but didn't totally disguise the bumpy finish of my Zebra nail art. I am trying to stay away from thick, but incredibly shiny and smoothe Top Coats and am trying to use thinner Top coats. I'll make the sacrifice and have a lumpy/bumpy texture mani, to prevent having to use Acetone to remove polish if I can.

These are my real nails! - I can't beleive it either!

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Paradise said...

Missed ur posts, Can't believe the blogrolls turned into ads! Ur blog looks lovely now though and so do your natural nails!! :)))