Friday, July 19, 2013

Club Havana Moonlit Dance

 I swear I don't work for Wet n Wild! Since I picked up these Megalast polish's last month,  I seem to gravitate towards them when I decide to paint my nails. WnW Club Havana is a pretty coral creme; 3 coats to opacity for me and dried surprisingly fast. Its still pretty humid in my region and I am shocked every time I polish my nails and it actually dries thoroughly.

here is a quickie dupe check --- I thought for sure these two were the same colour; but WnW Club Havana is way more coral.... This is Sally Hansen Insta Dri Orange Impulse on my ring nail - 2 coats.

 1 coat of  Sally Hansen Moonlit Dance layered over 3 coats of WnW Club Havana

Update; I guess this wasn't truly, thoroughly dry because I woke up to my index and thumb having the texture of frosted glass --- but the gold bits disguised it extremely well ---- I would say that those two nails look like a tamer version of the sugar coat polish finish that is getting popular right now. Below is a photo in sun beside an actual pane of frosted glass ( not really ~ its that peel and stick window film from Canadian Tire ) I'll probably slap another coat of Moonlit Dance on my nails till I redo them.

I'm not really a fan of the sugar coat finish or sand finish but this looks pretty cool -

stuff I used...... WnW Club Havana with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Moonlit Dance

I could not take a proper picture  of this pretty  polish. I picked this up at the DollarRama a few months ago. It is an orange jelly base with gold flecks.

This is an excellent layering polish and worked for me today as I am not really a fan of orange and coral polish's. This was $2 CAD where they are regularly priced at $8-ish at Walmart.


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