Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Suprise! Pinky french mani

I very rarely choose pink shades like this, but I have had these 2 polishes for a while and wanted to test their application and wear.

When I first started buying these Sweet Serenity polishes from the Dollar Rama - they had the consistency of lumpy Elmer's school glue, never dried and had a weird smell. however I have since purchased 4 new sets and am very happy with the quality. This is a lovely metallic pink that was good in 3 coats, application and dry time were fine. these come ion sets of 3 for $1.25 CAD and Dollar Rama has new shades every so often.

I stretched this mani with a funky French using a no name shimmery polish form the Dollar Tree USA, and LA Colors metallic pink stripe polish

It soooooooo girly - I started to add glitter to my pinky but thought this mani could hold its own without glitter

.....and here is just a weird artsy shot that I thought was cool

and finally, here is another pretty pink that I had worn but never posted. This is from a polish set I got from my Mom at Christmas. None of these polishes have names. This was very similar in formula and application tot he Sweet Serenity polish above


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Rainbowify Me said...

I like the Sweet Serenity colour better than the other, whereas it's the opposite when it comes to the finish. :)