Monday, December 26, 2011


Yes, the polish I am wearing is called Scandalous Blue Glitter, but the real scandal is that my beautiful hand model hands have been scrubbing &cleaning, then packing and un-packing, then scrubbing and cleaning. I moved house mid- December.

Christmas eve was the first time I applied artificial nails since December 12th = I did paint my real nails in a festive glass-fleck red Sally Hansen polish -  But it wasn't the same without my beloved falsies! Even worse was looking at everyone's fabulous Christmas manicures on their blogs, then glancing down at my own torn and tattered digits.

Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy holiday & Santa ( or your families ) were generous with nail polish riches. My Mom & Dad surprised me with one of these polish & Implement kits from The Color Institute by Markwins - the same company that makes Wet n Wild Products. If you are in Canada and head out for Boxing Day ( or Boxing Week Shopping ) keep your eyes peeled for this brand because all of their nail polish collections were AWESOME this year! ( found at shoppers drug mart and Zellers HBC stores )

Okay; onto to my Christmas Eve Mani. This is a lovely sheer polish from NYC that is Available at Target stores in the USA for 99 cents. However I found this in a 2 pack at The Dollar Tree ( also in the USA ) Here is have layered it over Sinful Colors Mint Apple. On my RING nail is the old skool version of this same polish ( neat huh? ) but is is very different from the modern version. While it is still sheer, it has a lovely azure flash with sharp silver flecks.

Nightly Nails has some great photos of this polish layered over black HERE. The NYC Brand has several gorgeous layering polishs that are very inexpensive, but mostly available in the USA

Also I am aware that this is not very Christmas-ey but whenever I am pressed for time I automatically reach for fast drying pastel teal and mint shades.

NYC Scandalous Blue Glitter 2 coats layered over Sinful Colors Mint Apple

 the old skool version of the above polish on my ring nail

This photo is from an older mani -  Sinful Colors Mint Apple ( whatever that means...... mint apple? )

 NYC Scandalous Blue Glitter old and older version

L-new R- old

finally, I topped this off with one of the polish's from my X-mas presents from my parents, a lovely gold hued iridescent glitter. Just 1 coat.

If you hit up boxing day sales there is some every pretty polish in this kit, I will line them all up tomorrow and get bottle shots on-line as soon as my lazy vacationing *ss rolls out of bed = plus it has a polish dryer that I am totally looking forward to drying my toe nails in!

~ Thanks Mom & Dad ~

I cant seem to find hi-res photos from SDM but I think that these Color Institute polish sets might be 1/2 price this week, I am sad I wont make it there to pick up a few of these bargains because the QUO  18 mini set with the ORLY dupes is 50% off, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Zorbs said...

Picked up the Quo/Orly set today, $19.50. Had to go to 3 SDMs before finding one that had them in stock!

Shannara said...

love the shade and layering

fingers said...

Such a pretty mani!!!

Ashley Evane said...

How do your nails look so healthy??

love the blog.. unique ! now following !

Unknown said...

Just came across your blog, am now following, love your nails xx