Friday, September 9, 2011

Klean Color Wicked Witch halloween mini's

 above 2 thin coats of Boogie Nights no top coat

I spotted this at a grocery store in the big city for $3.99, I loved those 365 nail polish's from Klean Color and wanted to try a few more from this brand. Even though I found this is a B&M - Klean Color has free shipping over $40 and has re-vamped their web-site with really awesome bottle shot photos. I have seen quite a few swatches of the metallic and chrome polish's and I really, really, want that ONE COAT Metallic Green. ( and here is a few more swatches of the metallic from Klean Color )

Although these are mini's it appears that they are also available in full size bottles; which is nice. I love to see in-expensive but easily available, good quality nail polish that dries fast and does'nt need a million coats to opacity. Makes me happy!

 I did a quickie swatch of 5 of these polish and they are awesome!!!!!! I thought I read somewhere that they were one of the stinkiest brand of polish's. Even though they have a unique odor - I don't find them offensive; and I know about stinky nail polish lol ( My smelly polish retrospective nail polish post HERE )

 below all 1 coat - except ring which is 2 thin coats

clockwise; Bite Me, Concrete Grey, Military Green, Black

I wore the orange polish Boogie Nights as the base for this "nail art". I tried to copy a look I have seen recently but was too heavy handed with my striping polish, as well as using polish colours that were similar so the design barely shows up. Klean Color Boogie Nights has a very nice glow to it, which  is something I enjoy about orange polish.

For this Mani I used Boogie Nights, NYC Spring Street, and a light orange pastel stripe polish. I added a small amount of Nicole Fresh Squeezed by OPI in here, too, but it is barely visible.



Veronica said...

This looks so good!

xo said...

I really want that orange one! It's so shimmery :3

fingers said...

Am loving that green one! But that orange design is really pretty!

Anonymous said...

Boogie Nights is such a fun polish!

Natalie said...

Thank you for the swatches,Dee! I've been wanting to try these Kleancolor polishes. I especially love Army Green.