Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Green/Gold Christmas mani

I started with a base of AVON Green Olive ( USA version) and applied the regular Nailene french tip guides diagonally on my nails. I added 2 thin coats of Claire's 14 Karats which is a fabulous shimmery foil, and to my ring nails I added  2 thin coats of Billie Gold. when it was all dry I removed the tip guides and applied 2 coats of ELF Golden Goddess, which dried super-fast but smells funky. When it was certain it was all dry I added 2 thin coats of Nailene Acrylic Strong TC.

The comparison with Billie Gold and Claire's 14 Karats was surprising, although I love Claire's 14 Karats becuase of the shimmery bits thrown into the saturated foil mix, Billie Gold was much brighter and easier to apply. All the Claire's Foils I own dry sooooo fast that it is a race to get them on smoothly. ( I cannot complain becuase they dry fast ~ what a horrible thing to say lol)

Golden Goddess dries matte and has that chemically smell, which is weird for a glitter polish. On a  scale of 1 - 10 I give it a 5 in stinky-ness.

Claire's 14 Karats ( except ring ) NO TC

Billie Gold on Ring Nail NO TC

Avon Green Olive (USA) Billie Gold, Claire's 14 Karats and ELF Golden Goddess

The most easy nail art...... apply tip guides and polish.

Remove tip guides and apply glitter or another polish  & TC .

ELF Golden Goddess dries matte.... it smells funky but dries fast.

 w/ 2 coats of ELF Golden Goddess

with TC

 no Tc ----------------------------------------------------  with Tc

...and here are a few more photos of my previous mani.... I went outside to take photos of the fluffy snow on trees = it is so beautiful, it sorta makes up for the bone-chilling cold ~ and of course I needed to take more photos of this beautiful mani.


Rachel Marie said...

:) I love how shimmery and overloaded with glitter this mani is!

Samantha said...

very pretty! I love the colors of both of those mani

jaljen said...

I must get tip guides. I simply must. I'm sure they'll peel off though and polish will pool beneath them!

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Loving both of these! :)

Lucy said...

Love this look. The chunk glitter is fabulous.

Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...

I always love your nails looks!

shortwidenails said...

Claire's 14 Karats is so pretty i will hae to hit up claire's to get this. I like it with no top coat and i'm going to go to winners to check out if they have the holiday 3 pack. you are making me want to get so many different polishes =)

Buy WoW Warlock said...

both look great but the green/gold mani is more christmas-y to me=]

Anonymous said...

I wish I had those hex glitters! It's so perfect! :~

Unknown said...

I adore these designs! Great

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

Rachel Marie - Thanks I really like that ELF polish, I seem to use it often

Samantha - Thanks - these are easy to do!

jaljen - yes! you should get some french tip guides.... practice makes perfect. try different kinds of household tape, making, scotch, mailing labels ect..... I have used these with success.

ShortAndSweetNails - Thanks!

Lucy - I ♥ chunky glitter, too!!!

Jennifer - Thanks I try to do the easy simple stuff.... hope my instructions are as good as my photos and ideas♥

shortwidenails - Thanks - I avoided Claire's and Icing polish's becuase of past bad experiences with their polish's = but they have some great colours! - the ELF 3 st I got was a good one... the glitters smell funny but they dry fast for me.

Buy WoW Warlock - Thanks it is much more Christmas-ey♥

Alice - Thanks! There seems to be alot of chunky hex glitters in the North American Market lately

Melanie - Thanks! They are easy to do!♥