Thursday, September 16, 2010

♥ NYC Mulberry Street & NYC Taxi Yellow Creme ♥

NYC Taxi Yellow Creme - 2 coats layered over NYC Mulberry Street & 1 coat of TC

This polish NYC Taxi Yellow Creme is opaque in 3 coats, however, I layered it over a pretty sand coloured polish NYC Mulberry Street. This is a nice shade and finish of yellow.... it's not too in your face and the subtle shimmer in it is very pretty. I picked this up in the USA for .93 cents. Many of these NYC polish's require a few extra coats more than other DS polish's, But they have a quick drying formula, sometimes faster drying then the more expensive brands. 

I honestly cannot see the difference between Drug Store polish's, such as this brand NYC, and the more expensive brands such as OPI and China Glaze. I would say the only downside is selection, there are approximately 15-ish colours in the NYC  Long Wearing Nail Enamel line, and 25 or so in the NYC In a New York Minute Line.

While I am desperately trying to limit the volume of polish's I acquire due to space, I think that every single NYC polish I have seen first hand and on the interwebz is very pretty and worth having. Even the 'boring' shades like Mulberry Street have impressed me.

♥ Thank You NYC polish - Your polish's are fabulous! I wish I didn't ignore you all those years ♥

{p.s. I took most of these photos in my jammies by a sunny window. It is already getting too cold to go outside for photo ops in the a.m. }


Indoor flo

Below is 3 coats of NYC Mulberry Street with a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. It is a girly sand coloured shimmer; I had my eye on this polish for a while but never picked it up for some reason. I thought it would be brush strok-ey and plain. The shimmery-ness keeps it from being boring, the colour is very nice and I think this is one of those shades of polish that makes you look like you have a tan. I wore this for the day before I topped it off with the yellow polish above.

NYC Mulberry Street - 3 coats  - 1 Coat of Nailene acrylic Strong Top Coat




Cel said...

Both colours are lovely. I really like how the yellow one looks under the sun.

Danielle said...

both colours are awesome :) I think I have taxi yellow, I have yet to wear it unfortunately ... maybe next summer :)

Lucy said...

That's a pretty lemony yellow. Love that shade on you. A girlfriend picked up about 20 or so for me. Well she liked that they were all named for places in NY. I'd never used them before. They are nice polishes.