Monday, June 1, 2009

♥ Nail Prisim `Diamond` & Blue Aluminum ♥


I had a hard time taking this Nail Prisms in 'Diamond' with Maybelline 'Blue Aluminum' off, I almost walked into a pole staring at it today..... The polish I had been wearing the last few days - 'Blue Aluminum', was looking a little worn... so Nail Prisms to the rescue.....1 coat = no top coat. I have had this bottle for a while and used it quite a bit, there is still tonnes left. I ain't gonna lie, I will still end up buying more prismatic polishes in every color, even though this one seems to do a good job of turning any polish into a prismatic polish. My next post will be a full mani with the "Party-in-a-Bottle" Maybelline 'Shooting Stars'.

Here is a million pictures for U ~ all outside in the sun and shade.....

~ Sun Shine ~

~ Sun Shine ~

~ Sun Shine  & Wrong Camera Setting ~




Nail Fanatic said...

They do look gorgeous in the sun. All the holoness comes out!

Lucy said...

So pretty. Any brand of holo is just delicious. So gorgeous in the sun.

Missy Pratt said...

What an amazing color!

/adds to wish list/

Kae said...

Very very pretty!

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

~ Nail Fanatic ~ The sunshine really captures the holo-ness, it is mesmerizing......

~ Lucy ~ I know! I can sorta create most holo's with this Nail Prism polish, but i will still buy all the ones available eventually.

~ Missy ~ These polishes are amazing, I have moments where I just stare at mail when I am wearing polish's like this.

~ Kae ~ Thank you